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Project history

Since Windshear was born in 2009, I have been participating or leading the following major projects.



Operations software development for refinery automation projects


Setup procedures and protocols for software test environments and system maintenance


Installation of interfacing planning/operations software at one of major refineries in Brasil


Installation and training provided for refinery operations software at one of major refineries in Serbia


Development of custom planning software extension and installation at an oil terminal in Europoort


Refinery software development, installation and training provided in Denmark at one of biggest oil brandnames in the world


Development for custom interfacing operations software for Netherlands largest refinery


Upgrade project for refinery software at one of major refineries in Serbia


Upgrade planning software extension and installation at an oil terminal in Europoort


Stratus server replacement at one of major refineries in Italy


Accepting on-call duties for 24x7 support for high impact software issue for a number of refineries world wide


Connecting an external system to the automation platform for one of the major refineries in Serbia


Optimize communication management between an US and Dutch software division within the same global company


Accepting flight missions for a private jet company in the Netherlands



In addition I also take (web-)software and website projects. The following list are just a few examples of how I have contributed to companies and events over the years.


Website example(s)

Website contribution example(s)

Non profit, charity example(s)






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